Steel constructions

Steel constructions

Delivery of steel structures "turn-key" is the most effective method of implementation steel structure from a customer perspective. Potential problems are solved with a single partner. The customer does not to be worried if the problem occurred in the documentation of steel structure or in the manufacturing or assembly.

We provide a complete pre-project and project preparation. We mapped all related components connected to the steel structure, including their connection to the system design, including the effect on the static behavior of the structure. Additional requirements for adjustments and changes in the steel structure of the customer is solved effectively, because we have all the information at every stage of the construction (if it was already made, painted, etc.). This significantly reduces the cost of these changes.

Assembly documentation, including schedule of inspections and tests

Any coordinating informations are then transfered to workshop and assembly documentation, including schedule of inspections and tests.

Deliveries of steel structures

Deliveries of steel structures is performed by experienced and trusted suppliers. We perform various checks and scrutineering for steel structures both in worhshop, so the final surface treatment (galvanizing, painting). Of course there is delivery of finally adapted design to the installation place.

Steel structure up to class EXC3

Mounted steel structures is carried out under the supervision of our designer or structural engineer. Installation is performed by selected team of fitters or companies on specific construction and installation location.